Lake Kivu

An aerial view of Lake Kivu's Islands.

Lake Kivu is one of the lakes that form along the floor of the Great Rif Valley.  It sits on the western side of Rwanda, on the border between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. The lake is surrounded by a backdrop of beautiful mountains. The lake stretches over a surface area of 2,700 sq km. Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s largest lake and ranks sixth largest in Africa. The lake offers exiting adventures that range from kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and boat cruise.

The lake hosts a number of Islands including, Idjwi, the world’s 10th largest island on a lake. A day’s trip to Lake Kivu may visit Gisyeni or Kibuye towns.

A visit to the lake offer an opportunity to meet the wonderful local fishing village that often feature fishermen at dawn and dusk on boat paddling into the water singing in unison.

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