Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo  is the largest national park in Kenya with awesome facilities and abundant of game animals and therefore sometimes referred to as the ‘theatre of wild animals’. Elephants, lions, gazelles, antelopes, elands, baboon, ostrich, rock hyrax, marabou stork, nature wonders such as the shetani lava flow, chyulu hills, mzima springs a popular spot for crocodiles and hippos.

Tsavo East National Park is the biggest of all parks in Kenya, measuring about 11,800 square kilometres. That’s about nine times bigger than Maasai Mara. It hosts the Mudanda rock, Luggard’s Falls on Galana river and the Yatta Plataeu – the world’s largest lava flow. This makes it unbelievably scenic and perfect for photographic safaris. Besides this, its home to some of the greatest elephants families in Kenya. These are the famous ‘Red Elephants.’ These elephants glow red after dust baths on red soil. Other popular resident game of Tsavo East National Park include; mane-less lion, leopard, rhino, zebra, nile crocodile, kudu and Aruba hunter’s Hartebeest.

The Red Elephants of Tsavo

Ashnil Aruba Lodge

Ashnil Aruba Lodge lies at the heart of Tsavo East National Park. The Lodge highlights 46 rooms and 6 tents. Its location is amazing with an array of picturesque surrounding.

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge

Kilaguni Serena Lodge stands in a tranquil, cool and hushed location with the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro and stunning Chyulu Hills framing at a distance in its backgrounds.