Malindi is a tropical town tucked along the North Coast of Kenya. It boasts of white sandy beaches, excellent getaway spots and the wonderful Swahili culture.

It also hosts some of the most sought after historical spots such as the Gede Ruins which are about 20km away from town. The ruins are said to have been founded in the 12 Century and were occupied until the 17 Century when they got abandoned. Around the ruins you will find Arabuko Sokoke forest which happens to the largest remaining coastal forest in Africa. Our local guide will furnish you with all the info regarding the flora and fauna of the forest as well as its cultural importance to the local community.

Vasco Da Gama Pillar is one of the most popular spot around town. It is one of the oldest remaining Portuguese explorers’ monuments. Named after Vasco Da Gama the famous explorer, it was built in 1498 by him as a sign of appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality received from the then Sultan of Malindi. The pillar as an original cross made of Lisbon limestone.

The town also hosts the oldest Christian Church. It goes by the name St Francis Xavier. It is surrounded by a small and very old cemetery. The town also features numerous shops, bars, night clubs and restaurants. From the town you can be able to access Malindi and Watamu Marine parks which are home to numerous corals and various colored fish species such as the Trigger, Surgeon and Butterfly fishes.

There is also a local Museum which stores a lot of history. Our local guide will lead and furnish with all the documented as well as artifact information on display. You can take a glass boat, can hire a boat for half or full day excursions and can as well indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling.

Our Safaris to Malindi are private and can be organized to fit your schedule and can also be combined with normal wildlife safaris to any parks and reserves in East Africa.

Getting to there is easy via Malindi Airport which is approximately 2.5Km from town. There are scheduled flights from Nairobi, Mombasa and Lamu. We can always organize one for you. By Road, it is approximately 120km from Mombasa. One can as well connect from Nairobi via the SGR Train to Mombasa and connect from Mombasa by road.


Hemingways Watamu

Hemingways Watamu sits at the famous Watamu village. Watamu is approximately 120 kms north of Mombasa City and 25 kms south of Malindi town.

Sarova Whitesands

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa is located north of Mombasa on one of the most stunning beaches. The resort traces its history back to 1930s.