Aberdare National Park

The Park forms part of the Aberdare Ranges. Beautiful scenery, huge trees forming a continuous canopy, many waterholes and salt licks form main features of the Park. Animals in this park are very huge and healthy thanks to plenty of pastures and water. Animals Include; Elephants, Rhinos, Monkeys, Dik Dik, Leopards, Lions etc. NB: Lodges in this park are located near waterholes and salt licks giving you a clear animal view from your lodge.

Being in Central Kenya, the park is easily accessible form Nairobi and is a road distance of 135km away. A journey from the city to Aberdare National Park takes you through the beautiful Kenyan countryside that cuts across the counties of Kiambu, Murang’a, Kirinyaga, Nyeri and Nyandarua depending on the route taken.

By Air, the park is accessible via Mweiga Airstrip which is located along Nyeri – Nyahururu rd. Besides Game viewing, at the park you can emmerse yourself into beautiful sceneries such as the Karuru Waterfalls, which fall in three tiers, 1st tier 117M, 2nd tier 26M and 3rd 130M, making a total of 273M. The park also hosts Chania waterfalls and may other small falls.

It is a haven for photographers who flock in search of the scenic and breathtaking scenery.